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About Archetypes

The Power of Archetypes

Insight 4 Action offers a unique style of coaching that uses the idea of archetypes to unlock blocks & subconscious patterns.

An Archetype is a readily identified set of traits and behavioural patterns. You can think of them as specific characters. Some well-known archetypes are The Wicked Queen, The Hero and The Wizard. Everyone has a good idea of what sort of behavioural traits match these titles.

This approach was introduced into the world of psychology through the work of Carl Jung and has been expanded on by many others in both psychological and spiritual fields.

Why use Archetypes?


The logical, Thinking Mind is great for planning your weekend and performing your job, but it's not so great at recognizing deep-seated patterns of behaviour.

This is because the Thinking Mind creates stories and defenses that actually keep the truth hidden. Most approaches work with the Thinking Mind, so you take your stories with you into the process and you get stuck. As Dr. Gabor Mate says in his book 'The Myth of Normal', "healing is outside the thinking mind's wheelhouse."

Archetypes tap into the deeper knowledge of intuition and are a great way to safely gain a deeper understanding of what you do why you do it. 

If you've not had results with other approaches, try something new!

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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."              -Carl Jung


The different services offered that use Archetypes.

Crescent Moon

Insight with Archetypes

Understand your patterns & inner conflicts with this comprehensive approach! Your 12 main archetypes are placed into 12 areas of life and are interpreted symbolically to reveal blocks & indentify areas needing adjusting. Includes a free summative report!


Coaching Session

Archetype work can easily be done more loosely in regular coaching sessions simply as a way to gain clarity.


Purpose Pack

For those who have completed Insight with Archetypes and want to go deeper. In these 5 sessions we explore oppositions, strengths and consider your authentic purpose in life.

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