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Stress-Out Program 4 Busy Women

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Do You Feel… - Distressed by worrisome circumstances you can’t change? - Drained by trying to keep up with it all? - Disillusioned and unsure how things can get better? I’ve been there and I can help. I’m Carissa and I’m a Certified Life Coach who combines neuroscience, mindfulness & intuition to help people manage stress & anxiety naturally. I can help you because: I am a Life Coach trained in neuroscience and mindfulness. My past career as a teacher helps me build effective courses. I have experienced anxiety & burnout and have walked this journey myself. This program will help you: - Feel empowered to solve your problems with practical action. - Calm your nervous system with proven stress-reduction techniques. - Save energy by accepting what can't be changed. -Gain crucial awareness of patterns that increase stress & how to avoid them. ALSO, you will get personalized feedback via email for each unit to help you stay motivated and be successful! I use a unique approach using archetypes (character types) that are easy to understand and remember to help you recognize specific patterns that lead to stress and create problems for you. Once you see your patterns, you can be free of them. This program consists of 4 Units that can be done in your own time, at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. A big part of reducing stress is taking positive action. You can start now by signing up for this course!

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