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7-Day Meditation Kick-Starter

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Curious about meditation but not sure where to start? Tried it but couldn't seem to stick with it? Not sure if you're doing it 'right'? Then this challenge is for you! In this week-long journey, you will experience everything meditation has to offer in a way that is doable. Meditation can seem like a very vague concept. I will explain what it is, how to approach it and what the benefits are to you. I will also talk about the common pitfalls that lead people to give up before they've had a chance to reap the rewards of this beneficial practice. We will try various techniques and approaches so that you can choose the one that speaks to you personally. This program is designed to make meditation simple and effective. The daily commitment required is low to demonstrate how simple it can be to sustain a meditation practice of your own. So if you're ready for a greater sense of peace and awareness, let's get started!

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