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About Coaching

My Approach to Coaching

As a Stress Management Coach, I employ principles of neuroscience, mindfulness and intuition to help you reduce stress and increase happiness & well-being. I help clients gain clarity on what holds them back so they can see solutions and a way forward.

I work as a collaborator and sounding-board to help you recognize your blocks and limiting beliefs, and to brainstorm solutions. It can be incredibly helpful just to talk to an unbiased person and feel heard. 

I believe the crux of change can be found in: Awareness, Acceptance & Authenticity. That's what I focus on in my process.


Awareness of your subconscious patterns, inner conflicts & limiting beliefs.

Acceptance of things that you are resisting but really do not have the power to change.

Authenticity, to know who you were born to be and to fully be that person so that you are not losing energy trying to be someone else.

Curious what coaching can do for you? Book a free Insight Session!

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Coaching Vs. Therapy

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Most people have heard of therapy but not necessarily Life Coaching. So what's the difference? 

  • Coaching does not generally do any deep-dives into childhood  (though we may touch on it). 

  • Coaching is not designed to manage significant mental health issues and does not deal with mental health diagnoses.

  • The client-coach relationship is generally more casual and collaborative compared with the therapist-client relationship. 

  • Coaching is not intended to help clients process trauma.

Coaching is for those who don't feel like they need therapy, but still want to improve their life!

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FREE Insight Session

A 30-minute meet-and-greet by phone or Google Meet. Get more information about Coaching and see if we're a good fit to work together.

Online Session

A 45-60 minute Coaching Session by phone or Google Meet. Get clarity on your challenges and work towards a solution.

In-Person Session

A 45-60 minute Coaching Session available to those in the London/Tames Centre, Ontario area.

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